Indulge the basashi around the Japanese hearth,
sum up the dinner with handmade Soba.

Savor the Irori-grilled fresh seafood that we handpicked for you, from the markets from Tokyo Bay.
Try the unmissable plate - taste different cuts of fresh horse meats (Basashi) from the Aizu region.
Sum up your dinner with a bowl of daily handmade Nihachi Soba,
a bowl packed with savory smell, fantastic taste, and smooth texture.
Also, we provide a wide range of Japanese famous yet,
limited-produced sake and shochu too!
We carefully curated each plate of dish for you.
Please indulge in this charming taste of Japanese cuisine!

  • Fried Soba Ceasar Salad980 yen

  • Smoked Raddish Pickles with Cream Cheese720 yen

  • Whale Bacon720 yen

  • Minced Meet Cutlet580 yen

  • 5-Type Assorted Raw Horse Meat1,480 yen

  • Shrimp Tempura380 yen

  • Deep-fried Whole Sea Eel980 yen

  • Spring ChickenThights Whole-grilled820 yen

  • Sobagaki (Buckwheat dumplings)580 yen

  • Nihachi Soba750 yen

  • Assorted Sashimi (Photo shown for 3~5pax)1,680 yen

Please enjoy our handpicked sake recommendations with our delightful dishes!
We provide seasonal and limited-produced Sake too!
Feel free to reach out for more information.
Some drinks we served in limited quantity, your understanding when out-of-stock is highly appreciated.

【Japanese Sake】
Nakataya (Saitama)
Aramasa (Akita)
Murayu (Niigata)
Zaku (Mie)

【Japanese Shochu】
Sato (White/Black)
Sekitoba (Red Hare)
Dassai Shochu

Ichiro's Malt
 Green Double Distilleries
 Golde MWR Mizunara Wood Reserve
 Red Wine Wood Reserve

Only shown with selected dishes from the grand menu.
All the prices include tax.

Access to the grand menu (only in Japanese)

We are committed to producing in-store handmade Soba every day!

We start to make Soba an hour before the lunchtime operation.
As the Soba is made right before the store opens,
if you are the first to try on the day,
you can taste the genuine freshness of Soba.
We pour the freshly made Soba into the steaming cauldron in the center of the store… Immediately when the Soba looks like a blossom, we squeeze it with cold water.
Now, the Soba is "in season", just like other seasonal food,
with a smooth texture on appearance, and ready for us to enjoy!
While you slurp in style,
add on various condiments such as green onions, wasabi, and tempura crust to elevate the taste.
Taste the authentic feel of Soba, as if you are in Edo Period.
It is another enjoyment to pair the Soba with Japanese Sake for an evening dish.
This is the taste that only the experts know!
Please enjoy the taste of charming Japanese cuisine!