about us


Indulge the basashi around the Japanese hearth,
sum up the dinner with handmade Soba.

We're a Soba restaurant that you could enjoy food and drink,
right at the alley near the Omiya Station East Exit.
Savor the Irori-grilled fresh seafood that we handpicked for you,
from the markets from Tokyo Bay.
Try the unmissable plate - taste different cuts of fresh horse meats (Basashi) from the Aizu region.
Sum up your dinner with a bowl of daily handmade Nihachi Soba,
a bowl packed with savory smell, fantastic taste, and smooth texture.
Also, we provide a wide range of Japanese famous yet,
limited-produced sake and shochu too!
Taste them with Sobayu-Wari,
A kind of alcohol mixed that you could only have it in a Soba store!
Tonight too, another flourishing night with diners gathering around the Irori
(Japanese hearth) for their sumptuous dinner.
Indulge the basashi around the Japanese hearth,
sum up the dinner with handmade Soba.
A taste of charming Japanese cuisine, why don't you try?
Please enjoy your dining experience with us at the hidden hut!

  • Fresh Seafood, direct from the market to your plate.
    Aizu's Basashi, the unbeatable freshness.
    Nihachi Soba, produced in-store daily.
    Japanese Sake & Shochu, in reasonable price & premium taste.

    We carefully curated each plate of dish for you.
    Please indulge in this charming taste of Japanese cuisine!


  • Spacious dining lounge with open kitchen,
    Japanese hearth, the authentic & traditional way of cooking.

    Please enjoy the lively atmosphere that is only available in an open-kitchen restaurant,
    get the excitement of having an unblocked view to see how we prepare your dishes!




A three-minute walk from JR Omiya Station East Exit
A three-minute walk from Tobu Noda Line (Tobu Urban Park Line) Omiya Station East Exit